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From September 2015, Persistent Absence rates are changing - please read this newsletter for more details







Message from Principal, Alison J Shaw        


Sixth Form Results

We congratulate our students on some outstanding examination successes!

University Places :

All students who made an application to embark on a university course were successful in meeting the offers which had been made by Universities during the Spring.  This is superb : we offer our congratulations and share in the excitement as students prepare for this next stage in their academic career.

Average Points Scores per Student for A Levels :

The score for Seaton Burn students of 898 is exceptionally high - indeed, the highest in the Local Authority! We congratulate our students on this.

Average Achievement in Vocational Courses :

These courses are measured overall using P, M, D (Pass, Merit, Distinction).  Seaton Burn College achieved D+ overall, which is an outstanding achievement. Every student taking a vocational A Level achieved at least a Distinction.

Individual Achievements :

Whilst we congratulate all our students, we would like to mention in particular :

James Thompson,who achieved a remarkable 3A* grades in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, an A in Biology and a Distinction* in Music (see photo).

Ellie Williams in year 12, who achieved an outstanding and very unusual 100% in her AS English Literature examination

Both Ellie Williams and Jessica Lowes achieved very high scores in their AS levels

Many students in years 12 and 13 have distinguished themselves with the exceptional progress they have made.

GCSE Results 

Congratulations to our Year 11 students who collected their results on Thursday.  An improvement of 8% over last year’s 5A*-C (with English and Mathematics) headline is a testimony to their hard work.  This figure may yet get better following appeals.

Congratulations are due across the board, and there are many examples of results in which students should take real pride and satisfaction, but we make special mention of some individual achievements:

  • Ellie Bulloch – 9 A*s, 2 As
  • Scott Beattie – 8 A*s, 2 As
  • Niamh Mallen - 6 A*s, 3 As
  • Luke Betts – 2 A*s, 6 As
  • Megan Lancaster – 1 A*, 5 As
This measure has risen steadily by 9% at SBC over the last three years! The percentage of our students achieving the EBACC in Year 11 this year is 28%.

Arrangements for the beginning of next term

•Expectations in September - expectations of children will remain extremely high in September.  We intend to begin as we mean to carry on: children must be in full correct uniform; properly equipped; and ready to follow all of the rules and instructions which make for an orderly environment in which everyone can thrive and succeed.

•Attendance will be a key focus next year.  It is essential that parents minimise any absence: no child should stay away from school unless they are seriously ill.  Holidays must not be taken in term time.

•Homework expectations will be explicitly laid out and we hope that parents will regularly check not only that their child has done their homework but that it has been done to a high standard.

Term begins for Year 7 on Wednesday September 2nd.

For Years 8 to 11 term begins on Thursday 3rd September.

(6th Form students are already aware of arrangements for induction and the start of timetabled lessons).

Staff changes

As you know already, a number of our staff left us at the end of term.  It is with sadness that we say goodbye to them but we wish them well in their next endeavours:

We send our love and very best wishes to Ms Barnett, Ms Deakin, Ms Lewis-Ledger, Mr Robinson, Mrs Shaw (Teacher of MFL), Mrs Weedy and Ms Walker.

Mrs Rowe, Mrs Forster and Mrs Nicklen also left during last term and we send them our good wishes.

We very much look forward to welcoming a number of new staff in September, whom we will introduce at the beginning of term.

Changes to school leadership for the next two terms

For the Autumn and Spring terms, Mr Campbell will be taking on the position of Acting Principal.  During this time the Governors have asked Ms Shaw to undertake a special project working with our Primary Schools.  This is in order to strengthen our already powerful partnership so that our children’s journey from the very earliest stages of their development right through to their transition into work or higher education can be as coherent as possible.  This is a “cradle to career” journey which is a very special part of what the Seaton Burn Partnership of Schools offers its young people.

Ms Shaw will continue to work extremely closely with Mr Campbell over these two terms to ensure continuity in the day to day running of our school.