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Message from Principal, Alison J Shaw        


Dear Parents

Super Learning Day

I begin with commendations and thanks to all our staff and students for everyone’s superb engagement in the range of deep learning opportunities provided for students on our Super Learning Day on Wednesday.  You will read more about some of these activities later in the Bulletin, as well as below:

Year 7 Diversity Day

Year 7 enjoyed an even bigger and better Diversity Day than those of last year and the year before.  Mr Davidson put together an excellent programme to help our students learn about the rich cultural heritage in the North East through first hand experience.  They visited St Andrew’s Church, the Sikh Gurdwara and Lau’s Chinese Restaurant.

The range of new experiences for students was exciting, informative and challenging.  We thank the staff who accompanied our children for helping them to grasp these experiences and encourage enquiry and debate.  Thank you to all our host organisations, who welcomed us with such warm generosity.

Year 8 Safety Works

Year 8 enjoyed a day of two halves with a visit out to SafetyWorks, which is a bespoke safety education setting equipped with brilliant learning orientated equipment – including a Metro track and carriage.  The children I spoke to who had returned from the morning visit were incomparably better informed than they had been before it about risk in a whole range of situations and how to avoid it.  They were also full of brilliant suggestions about what to do in an emergency, should it arise.

During the other half of their safety awareness day, students learnt all about emergency situations, including first aid and were able to rate their learning through an on-line quiz.

Year 9 benefitted from the unbelievably generous commitment of time by a range of employer organisations whose representatives spent the whole day with us.  We cannot thank them enough.  They were: Elemental Changes, Scrap Tyre Exchange, TDR, Rising Stars, Newcastle United Foundation and Hewlett Packard.

Years 10 and 11 did excellent assessment work in ICT and Science.

Year 8 Parents’ Evening

Thanks to all parents and staff for the time they spent working together last night examining Year 8 progress and working on the next step improvements for children to accelerate that progress during the rest of this year.

Feedback from parents was highly positive, with one parent commenting “I’ve just had an amazing parents’ evening.  Staff are a real credit to you …..enthusiastic, positive and welcoming.  We are so happy”.

I wish everyone an enjoyable weekend.