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2016 Results Article 


Ofsted Monitoring Inspection

Seaton Burn is pleased to announce a really positive HMI inspection that has vindicated all of the hard work that we have put in this year to make serious improvements. Please take the time to read the Inspection Letter by clicking here





Message from the Principal

(updated 13/01/17)









Dear Parents and Carers, 

I wish everyone a very happy New Year and hope that students and parents had a fantastic Christmas break and that we all managed to have some valuable time for rest and relaxation.


I have been delivering assemblies this week on 'New Beginnings' and New Year resolutions and it was lovely to hear some of the hopes and targets that students have set for themselves this year.  Last January, I asked students to come and see me to share their resolutions and I recorded the resolutions of those who did.  I have spent this week going round to see those students and some have received rewards for achieving their resolutions from the previous year.  Well done!  We are doing the same this year and I have had over 40 cards filled in already with students outlining their hopes for this year.

Talking about New Beginnings, this year seems particularly apt with the pastoral changes that have taken place at our school.  Mr Sheppard has launched the new 'Praise Code' in the school and we have noticed a positive feel in lessons and in the corridors.  The Student Council talked positively about the new system with the considered feeling that there is now a much better focus on positive behaviour.  They all recognised that it is far more consistent now and that every teacher is buying into it.  Hopefully, you should see the fruits to this new system in terms of certificates and letters home.


I would like to bring you some excellent news about success that Seaton Burn has had in a regional Gifted and Talented competition.  Anna Bulloch and Sara Morley competed in the East of England Science and Technology Challenge Final and we are delighted to say that the girls were awarded First Prize.  They will go on to the National Final.

 Click here to see article

Year 11

I'd like to highlight some important events involving Year 11 students this half term.  Students have just received their Mock Examination results and we are now looking for a response from them.  Last year, many students managed to increase their results from these mocks by two or three grades in the final exam, but this can only be done through hard work and application.  Nothing comes easy when it comes to success in examinations!  Miss Smith is coordinating a wide range of support and guidance to see Year 11 through these last 5 months at the college and we're confident that we will be successful with the year group.

Raising Achievement Day

One of these important events is our Raising Achievement Day on Friday 20th January.  Most parents have already made appointments for this and we look forward to working alongside you.  It involves tutors discussing their practice exam results with students and parents and working on targets that will help them to prepare for their final examinations.  There will also be opportunities to speak to a Connexions advisor in relation to 'next steps' and Post 16 options.  I realise that some parents can not make it due to work commitments, but if you contact Rachel Smith at the college (, then she will be able to arrange an appointment with your child's tutor at a time of your convenience.

In terms of other events, there is our 6th Form Parents' Evening on Wednesday 25th January which is being hosted at Longbenton Community College.  This is a chance for Sixth Form parents to speak to all of their child's teachers and to discuss targets in the run up to their final examinations.  We always find this is an important meeting and even though students may be getting older, it is still important that we realise that they still need guidance and support.  Again, any questions about this, then please contact Chris Ayres at the college (

Finally, I would like to report on how pleased I have been with the work experience.  We have visited a number of placements this week and have been delighted at how students have been applying themselves in the workplace environment.


Warm regards,


Steve Campbell                   

Acting Principal  



Important Dates Year 11

Y11 Revision Timetable 


Attendance is currently at 95%, which is good but we want it to be better! Evidence suggests that good attendance can make the difference of at least one grade at GCSE.


Thank you for appreciating that good attendance is vital to the wellbeing of your child.  Children with a good attendance are more socially confident, develop stronger and lasting friendships, and have better life chances.

Thank you for helping your child understand how important learning is by ensuring good attendance and helping them develop a good attitude to school and their learning.  This helps your child become a confident learner who is flexible and able to adapt to the demands of a modern world.

Please do not allow your child to stay off school unless they are very poorly, make medical appointments after school where possible and let’s work together to get attendance up!          Mrs Cassidy



This bench made by Seaton Burn Year 9 students has now been placed in Five Mile Park, Wideopen











Politeness: let’s make it the norm and not the exception!


We all know that manners cost nothing, and even when we’re having a bad day we all feel better when faced with a simple act of courtesy such as having a door held for us, seeing someone smile at us or hearing the words “hello” or “good morning”. Sometimes these simple acts get lost within the environment of the school and it’s a shame that they can become the exception rather than the norm. We would like to enlist the help and support of our parents and guardians in encouraging all students to be polite and courteous throughout their day. This should include when they are speaking to other students as well as when they are speaking to members of staff. 

  1. The words “please” and “thank you” should be used when talking to other members of the school community.
  2. The act of holding the door open for those behind you should become second nature.
  3. Students should always knock on classroom doors before entering and it is never acceptable to disrupt lessons that have not yet finished by pushing into the door or staring through the window.
  4. Smiling should be standard practice as often as possible.
  5. Students should politely wait to speak to staff when they are engaged in other conversations and avoid interrupting. 

Politeness is an important attribute for all people to have within society because it makes other people feel good and it changes the way people perceive you. If you treat people with respect, they will return the favour. Let’s work together to make sure we equip our young people with the skills that will see them being successful in the ‘real world’. 

A number of posters to reinforce a polite mind-set will be appearing around college in the coming weeks. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

Mrs Amanda Lawson

Head of English




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CHILD SAFETY ONLINE - Parents and Carers please read this guide on children using social media 

Y7 and Y8 Parent Guide is available

From September 2015, Persistent Absence rates have changed - please read this newsletter for more details


I just wanted to offer my support following your recent Ofsted Report. I know this will be a difficult time for the staff and obviously their morale will be affected. My child has had wonderful support during his time at Seaton Burn and the quality of teaching has been brilliant... The staff have motivated him and offered him support whenever he has needed it.  I am sure things will improve for you all over the coming months. Please pass on my comments to the staff. 


I was a little shocked and obviously disappointed to read the letter that arrived on Friday in regards to Seaton Burn's latest Ofsted report.  I have however, taken the time to go online and read the Ofsted report in detail and it sounds as though you have put the correct things in place to turn it around, but time is needed to see if they are effective strategies.  I shall not be attending the parents even for answers to questions as I have every faith that you will do whatever it takes to turn it back around. If you need any support from a parents point of view, let me know what I can do. The school, in my opinion, have always been amazing with my child, particularly through difficult periods of his life... 


We would like to offer you and the staff our full support for Seaton Burn College. Our three children have attended the college for a total of nineteen years. During their time at the school they very much benefited from the cultural aspects of College life as well as acheiving academic success. This, together with the caring and nurturing ethos of the school allowed our children to mature into confident and happy young adults.  We wish you and the College every success in the future.


Hello Wonderful Teachers!

We apologise for not attending the recent parents evening to discuss the Ofsted results. We were both at work and unable to make it.

However we would like to say that our son, has always been happy at school and we believe he receives excellent teaching and care. There is certainly no evidence in his performance that there has been any problems at school and for that we are very grateful.

We would like to wish all the staff in school our very best wishes and that you have our full support.