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Message from Principal, Alison J Shaw        


Dear Parents

Thank you to the very many Year 9 and Year 11 parents who attended school yesterday evening to look at current and next steps for our students in those two year groups.

Year 11 Parents’ Revision Workshop

The aim of this workshop was to enable parents to involve themselves much more in the way in which Year 11 students are preparing themselves for forthcoming examinations.  In many cases, parents feel that Year 11 students are spending enough time and committing enough effort to revision.  However, we know that sometimes they could better focus their efforts to ensure that they cover the right material and prepare in the most effective way for delivery in the examination, as well as for remembering subject content.

I thank the staff who prepared the sessions and encourage the parents who did not attend to let us know if they would like some further input.  In the first instance, please contact your child’s tutor.

Year 9 Option Workshops

Miss Tully explained to parents the new curriculum and the new standards to which our Year 9 students will be subject.  Parents were also helped to understand the way that we guide Year 9 students through the process of selecting a small number of possible subject options for their KS4 study.  Everyone is aware that the bulk of the curriculum is statutory.  However, we do believe that there is benefit in enabling students to follow some differentiated pathways in their study so that their learning responds to their strengths and preferences.

Students and parents are aware that each member of Year 9 will have an individual interview to help with the decisions which need to be made.

Year 10 Maths Feast at Northumbria University

Mr Houldsworth took a team of four Seaton Burn students from Year 10 (James Ashpool, Dillon Robson, Amy Hague and Lucy Jones) to Northumbria University to compete in this regional challenge.

Twenty five teams entered from across the region and Mr Houldsworth was delighted with the performance of our students.  They made an extremely creditable representative team for the Mathematics department at Seaton Burn and should be congratulated.  The results are yet to be confirmed but there is no doubt that the Seaton Burn team did well and were an absolute credit to us all.

Digital Safety

All students are regularly in receipt of advice and teaching about how to use digital environments safely.  This applies to their use of the internet, social media and a range of other opportunities which our digital world now presents for young people.

Parents and staff alike have a huge job to do to help our young people be well equipped and fully aware both of the benefits of digital media, but also of their dangers.

I write to remind parents that we strongly advise that children and young people are not left for lengthy periods or in isolation to communicate without supervision over the internet.

We have recently had some serious concerns raised about adults, potentially from abroad, “befriending” some of our students and inciting highly risky behaviour.  We ask that you speak regularly to your child about their use of the internet and social media, instilling responsibility and seeking help if you have concerns about their level of awareness and understanding of the risks associated with it.

We will continue to work with students but will do all we can to support parents who have concerns of this nature.  If you are worried please make contact directly with Mrs Cassidy at the college.