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Message from Principal, Alison J Shaw        

 A new message will appear from the Principal on Friday 24th April.

Dear Parents

We begin the term in a sunny mood and in the hope that everybody had an enjoyable Easter break.  The students have returned well prepared and will behaved.  I thank you for your efforts to maintain this positive attitude throughout what will be a very busy term for them.

I remind you of our drive to make sure the basic expectations are met without question by students.  This starts with them arriving punctually at the beginning of the day and to all their lessons.  It is critically important that we are able to have reasons for any absence from school and that you help students to minimise the need for absences.  The direct link between high attendance and high achievement so strong that we must continue to ensure that children’s attendance is as good as it possibly can be.

The “examination term” presents challenges for students as the potential stress of the additional demands on them builds up.  Students will be informed of a number of sessions being run by Mrs Curtis to help them address any feelings of stress they are experiencing and we would like you to encourage students to attend if you feel this would be beneficial.  The sessions will be relaxed and informal but very specific in the techniques that they help students to practise.

We will maintain contact with you over changes to the standard timetable this term.  These will be made for a number of reasons, including formal examinations, but also some celebratory end of term activities.

You will remember that Seaton Burn believes strongly in an entitlement for students to experience learning out of the classroom and opportunities and places which they may not otherwise have access to.  During the last week of term we are hoping to present students with a range of exciting and interesting opportunities which they may participate in.  One of these is the residential trip to London which will be offered to students in Years 8, 9 and 10.  Parents will receive letters about this in the next day or two but please see within.

You will read within about the TICE (This is Creative Enterprise) Silver Award.  We are delighted that a number of students have been selected for Gold Level.  This is an exceptional achievement.

Whilst it is a rather dense document, we include the external examination timetable on the following pages, which may be useful for parents to refer to.  The timetable for lower school exams will be published during the next 2-3 weeks.

The Leading Edge Science project is going to give our team of students and incredible experience in university laboratories.  The Seaton Burn project is to do with leading edge medical research seeking cancer cures.  We look forward to being able to tell you more!

I wish you an enjoyable weekend.