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Message from Principal, Alison J Shaw        


Dear Parents

Sixth Form Events

Feedback from our parents both from the Open Evening and from the Parent Teacher Consultation Evening has been fantastic.

This week’s Parent Consultation Evening was held at Seaton Burn for parents and teachers from all three schools in our Sixth Form collaborative.  Despite some overstretched car parking, the evening went exceptionally well.

Robust advice was given to help keep some of our students on track and the dialogue between parents, students and staff demonstrates the commitment and momentum towards maximum achievement in the summer.

As everyone will be aware from the press this week, the Performance Tables are nationally contested.  This is particularly the case for KS4, but the measures are changing for Sixth Form as well.  We have, as yet, not been made fully aware of what the Performance Tables will measure for Sixth Formers in next summer’s results.  What we do know is that teachers are working as hard as they can to ensure that students and parents are aware of what needs to be done at home.

University entry is also undergoing some change.  It has become increasingly clear that entrants for Cambridge are now going to be well advised to get a much broader experience of the workplace in order to complement other aspects of their application.  Across the borough Cambridge applications have been less successful than previously and we believe that this is why.

KS4 Performance Tables

As I mention above, the KS4 Performance Tables have been widely criticised across the country as irrelevant and very heavily flawed.  It is clear that sudden changes in the qualifications which are counted in the performance tables have led to considerable confusion.  We believe that accountability is very important but counsel considerable caution in the interpretation of the published data.

Primary Netball

We had an amazing visit from our primary netballers for a Netball Festival and Tournament on Monday this week.  We commend our Year 6 students on superb commitment and skill and thank all of the staff who were involved from our five schools for making the opportunity available to the children.  You will read a report inside the Bulletin.

Peer Reading Scheme a fantastic success!

During this term all Year 9 and Year 7 students are engaged in a carefully planned scheme to increase their reading capability.  This involves pairs or groups of Year 9 and Year 7 students reading together in a structured way for a full lesson each week.  Staff supervising this activity have been trained in order to help students gain maximum benefit from it.  The results so far are very pleasing and feedback from our students suggest that they are enjoying helping each other.

Evidence from this nationwide research project, in which we have been engaged for the last two years, suggests that students in both year groups gain tremendously in their reading confidence and capability as a result of the programme.  We will evaluate it in detail at the end of the term.

We will include a more detailed article on this excellent initiative in a forthcoming Bulletin.