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2016 Results Article



Ofsted Monitoring Inspection

Seaton Burn is pleased to announce a really positive HMI inspection that has vindicated all of the hard work that we have put in this year to make serious improvements. Please take the time to read the Inspection Letter by clicking here





Message from the Principal

(updated 23/9/16)









Dear Parents and Carers, 

Congratulations to all of our students for making a superb start to this new school year.  I particularly congratulate those students who have made an extra effort with their punctuality, attendance and uniform. With our new investment in the pastoral structure, staff feel this is the best start of the year we have had in recent times. Visiting staff from neighbouring schools have commented how calm and positive the atmosphere in classrooms is.

Message from Ian Wilkinson, Executive Headteacher 

As you know, since September I have been working two days a week at Seaton Burn in the strategic role of Executive Headteacher. Mr Campbell is still Acting Headteacher for Seaton Burn and is based in the school full-time. Mr Campbell remains responsible for the day-to-day running of the school but he and I are working very closely together on future strategic planning. We believe it is a strengthening of the existing partnership between Seaton Burn College and George Stephenson High School that will allow both schools to benefit moving forward. As you know we have a collaborative Sixth Form between our two schools and Longbenton High School, an arrangement that has been in place for fourteen years. The three schools are also strategic partners in a Teaching School Alliance. We believe there are clear benefits to working together to educate the pupils within our respective communities, whilst maintaining our distinctive identities. You will also be aware that we work collaboratively with a number of schools within our borough and we are delighted that we have the support of three senior staff from Whitley Bay High School, Mrs Buckle, Mr Mackenzie and Mr Wright, who are supporting the school in many areas such as teaching and learning, staff development, SEN and further support for the pastoral system.

I have spent only three weeks now working with Mr Campbell, the staff and students of Seaton Burn College but I can tell already that it is a school with a very positive ethos and I know that we can all work together to make further rapid improvements. The students have been very welcoming and are very proud of the school and we have very positive, dedicated and hard-working staff. Indeed, the staff and Governors of the school are committed to its continuing development and improvement and to the enjoyment and success of every individual student.  We were delighted that the Open Evening this week was such a positive and popular event and we believe that we have a great deal of support from our local community. We all want the school to be at the very heart of the local community and to be the school of choice of all who live here and we would like to thank you once more for the continued support you have shown in our school.

Year 5/6 Open Evening

Wednesday 21st September was our Year 5/6 Open Evening and it was fantastic to see a record number of parents and students at the night.  This was a new style, interactive evening in which visiting students participated in a range of curriculum activities.  In Science, students were ‘blowing up’ methane balloons and in D.T. students were tasked with making plastic snakes and wiggly worms in the time it took to show parents around the department.  In History and Geography, there was a range of interactive games, along with creating geographical structures with Play-Doh. The English department gave students a range of sweets and goodies to eat but only if they agreed to describe the taste afterwards with a range of exciting adjectives!

In Maths, students were plotting heritage trails using coordinates and practising their times tables using electronic voting pads.  Modern Foreign Languages had students making ‘chatter boxes’ using foreign languages.  Our IT department were getting our young visitors to do some actual computer programming and in Art, students were doing a variety of painting and sketching. Students got stuck in with badminton and table tennis over in PE and heard our amazing BTEC band over in Music. In our vocational area, Jacqui Curtis showed the range of courses and training we provide and even booked in over a dozen beauty treatments for the visiting parents!

The evening went on well past the stated closing time and some students had to be dragged away by parents from the activities on show.

What was especially pleasing was the large amount of students who stayed back to help out and guide parents around our college and talk about how proud they are of the place in which they study.  I would like to also thank the staff who put the effort in to showcase our school, especially Miss Lindner who helped organise the evening.  If you know any parents of younger children who did not attend, please encourage them to contact the school office and I will gladly take them around the school during opening hours, showing them lessons in action. 

International Environmental Project

I would also like to mention a project that Miss Skilton has been working on with students. In the Global Schools for Local Action project students across the world took part in environmental projects that looked at challenges to their local environment. Miss Skilton worked with a group of students in Y8 Ethics and the work they provided has now been documented and put on a website for people to add comment to the projects undertaken. During the summer of 2016 she also undertook the same project with a group of students at Daesung Middle School in South Korea and it is interesting to compare the differences, these can all be seen on the following website address under the project 'Take Ten'

It would be fantastic to get some comments from the students who took part as well as other readers in response to the projects undertaken across the world to raise awareness to global challenges in local environments.

Forthcoming Events

We also look forward with great excitement to the Celebration of Achievement Evening at the Gosforth Marriott Hotel on Wednesday 28th September.  For those attending, we would ask you take your seats by 5.45, ready for a 6pm start. 

On Friday 30th September, we have a Macmillan Coffee Morning from 10.30 to 12.30 in the College Theatre. Please come to Reception and we will direct you. We would love to see you there to enjoy a cake and a cup of coffee.

Finally, I would like to remind Year 7 parents that a tutor evening is fast approaching.  This will take place on Thursday 6 October from 5pm -7pm in the Theatre and we encourage all parents to come in and find out how their child has started at our school.

As always, if you wish to talk to a member of staff or to myself with regards to any concern or query, please get in touch.

Warm regards,



Steve Campbell                   

Acting Principal        

Attendance is currently at 95%, which is good but we want it to be better! Evidence suggests that good attendance can make the difference of at least one grade at GCSE.


Thank you for appreciating that good attendance is vital to the wellbeing of your child.  Children with a good attendance are more socially confident, develop stronger and lasting friendships, and have better life chances.

Thank you for helping your child understand how important learning is by ensuring good attendance and helping them develop a good attitude to school and their learning.  This helps your child become a confident learner who is flexible and able to adapt to the demands of a modern world.

Please do not allow your child to stay off school unless they are very poorly, make medical appointments after school where possible and let’s work together to get attendance up!          Mrs Cassidy


This bench made by Seaton Burn Year 9 students has now been placed in Five Mile Park, Wideopen











Politeness: let’s make it the norm and not the exception!


We all know that manners cost nothing, and even when we’re having a bad day we all feel better when faced with a simple act of courtesy such as having a door held for us, seeing someone smile at us or hearing the words “hello” or “good morning”. Sometimes these simple acts get lost within the environment of the school and it’s a shame that they can become the exception rather than the norm. We would like to enlist the help and support of our parents and guardians in encouraging all students to be polite and courteous throughout their day. This should include when they are speaking to other students as well as when they are speaking to members of staff. 

  1. The words “please” and “thank you” should be used when talking to other members of the school community.
  2. The act of holding the door open for those behind you should become second nature.
  3. Students should always knock on classroom doors before entering and it is never acceptable to disrupt lessons that have not yet finished by pushing into the door or staring through the window.
  4. Smiling should be standard practice as often as possible.
  5. Students should politely wait to speak to staff when they are engaged in other conversations and avoid interrupting. 

Politeness is an important attribute for all people to have within society because it makes other people feel good and it changes the way people perceive you. If you treat people with respect, they will return the favour. Let’s work together to make sure we equip our young people with the skills that will see them being successful in the ‘real world’. 

A number of posters to reinforce a polite mind-set will be appearing around college in the coming weeks. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

Mrs Amanda Lawson

Head of English




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From September 2015, Persistent Absence rates have changed - please read this newsletter for more details


I just wanted to offer my support following your recent Ofsted Report. I know this will be a difficult time for the staff and obviously their morale will be affected. My child has had wonderful support during his time at Seaton Burn and the quality of teaching has been brilliant... The staff have motivated him and offered him support whenever he has needed it.  I am sure things will improve for you all over the coming months. Please pass on my comments to the staff. 


I was a little shocked and obviously disappointed to read the letter that arrived on Friday in regards to Seaton Burn's latest Ofsted report.  I have however, taken the time to go online and read the Ofsted report in detail and it sounds as though you have put the correct things in place to turn it around, but time is needed to see if they are effective strategies.  I shall not be attending the parents even for answers to questions as I have every faith that you will do whatever it takes to turn it back around. If you need any support from a parents point of view, let me know what I can do. The school, in my opinion, have always been amazing with my child, particularly through difficult periods of his life... 


We would like to offer you and the staff our full support for Seaton Burn College. Our three children have attended the college for a total of nineteen years. During their time at the school they very much benefited from the cultural aspects of College life as well as acheiving academic success. This, together with the caring and nurturing ethos of the school allowed our children to mature into confident and happy young adults.  We wish you and the College every success in the future.


Hello Wonderful Teachers!

We apologise for not attending the recent parents evening to discuss the Ofsted results. We were both at work and unable to make it.

However we would like to say that our son, has always been happy at school and we believe he receives excellent teaching and care. There is certainly no evidence in his performance that there has been any problems at school and for that we are very grateful.

We would like to wish all the staff in school our very best wishes and that you have our full support.